► Information about the Lake Ammersee area

► Information about Herrsching

► Website of the Ammersee-Hotel
    location of the symposium

► Munich's official website

► Website of the MVV

    public transport in and around Munich, and also to Herrsching (S5)

► Website of the Andechs monastery

    famous baroque church and beer garden within walking distance from Herrsching

► Webcam over Lake Ammersee

► Website of the German Space Operations Center (DLR/GSOC) at Oberpfaffenhofen

    (visit scheduled for Thursday afternoon)

► Website of Kayser-Threde

    (visit scheduled for Thursday afternoon)

► Website of the Weisses Brauhaus at Munich (only in German)

    (visit scheduled for Thursday evening)

► Website of Seehaus Schreyegg at Stegen (only in German)

    (visit scheduled for Friday evening)