The symposium was focused on recent advances in solar sailing technologies and near-term solar sailing missions, areas of particular interest being hardware, enabling technologies, concepts, designs, dynamics, navigation, control, modeling, mission applications, and programs.


Wednesday noon:
Wednesday afternoon:
Session on Solar Sail Mission Applications
Wednesday evening:
Dinner at Ammersee-Hotel
Thursday morning:
Session on Solar Sail Flight Systems
Thursday early afternoon:
Visit of the German Space Operations Center (GSOC)
Thursday mid afternoon:
Visit of Kayser-Threde space company and buffet
Thursday late afternoon:
Guided bus tour of Munich
Thursday evening:
Visit of Munich brauhaus
Friday morning:
Session on Solar Sail Dynamics and Control
Friday afternoon:
Boat excursion at Lake Ammersee and dinner at beer garden


Wednesday - Session on Solar Sail Mission Applications (Chairs: Dachwald, McInnes)
13:30 Welcome and Introduction
13:45 Leipold: Solar Sail Demonstration Mission Concepts in Earth Orbit
14:25 Johnson, Montgomery, Young, Adams: NASA Solar Sail Propulsion Technology Development
14:50 Lappas, Mengali, Quarta, Gil-Fernandez, Schmidt, Wie: Systems Design for the GEOSAIL Solar Sail Mission
15:15 McInnes, Waters: Near-Term Mission Applications for Solar Sails
15:40 Coffee Break
16:10 Dachwald: Trajectory Optimization Using Evolutionary Neurocontrol: New Results
16:35 Wie: Hovering Control of a Solar Sail Gravity Tractor Spacecraft for Asteroid Deflection
17:00 Eckersley: Environmental Effects on GEOSAIL
17:25 Diedrich: NOAA Activities in Solar Sailing

19:00 Dinner

Thursday - Session on Solar Sail Flight Systems (Chairs: Leipold, Wie)
08:30 Van Sant: ST9: A Mission Concept For Flight Validating Solar Sail Technology In Earth Orbit
09:10 Widani, Leipold: Solar Sail Deployment Technology and Mechanisms
09:35 Sickinger, Leipold: Solar Boom Development at DLR
10:00 Greschik, Montgomery: Interaction of Structural and Navigational Issues in the Context of the Space Tow
10:25 Coffee Break
10:55 Chen, Wang, Wu, Li, Huang: A Deployable Solar Sail Structure for Ground Test
11:20 Tibert, Lennon: Deployment Strategies for the Space Tow Solar Sail
11:45 Dachwald, Mengali, Quarta, Macdonald: Optical Solar Sail Degradation Modelling
12:10 Rios-Reyes, Scheeres: Analytical Model for Solar Sails with Applications
12:35 Kezerashvili, Matloff: Solar Radiation Interaction with the Beryllium Hollow-Body Sail

13:00 Lunch
14:00 Departure to the bus tour to GSOC, Kayser-Threde, and Munich
23:00 Return to Herrsching (Arrival ca. 23:45)

Friday - Session on Solar Sail Dynamics and Control (Chairs: McInnes, Dachwald)
08:30 Kawaguchi: Solar Sail Development in Japan
09:10 Mengali, Quarta: Optimal Solar Sail Interplanetary Missions with Control Constraints
09:35 Wang, Huang: Venus Rendezvous Mission Analysis for A Non-perfect Reflecting Solar Sailcraft
10:00 Waters, McInnes: Mission Applications for Highly Non-Keplerian Orbits
10:25 Coffee Break
10:55 Vulpetti: Geocentric-Orbit-to-Earth-Magnetosphere Synchronization via Solar Sailing
11:20 Wang, Zhang, Zhang, Liang: Attitude Control of Solar Sail Spacecraft Based on Rigid Structure Coupled with Flexible Modes
11:45 Circi, Bolle: Eliosynchronous Orbits by means of Solar Sails
12:10 Gong, Baoyin, Li: Passive Stability for the Sailcraft on the Displaced Orbit
12:35 Zhang, Huang: Stability of Solar Sail on 3 Artificial Collinear Lagrangian Points

13:00 Lunch
16:20 Departure to the boat excursion and dinner at beer garden
22:00 Return to Herrsching (Arrival ca. 22:30)

Keynote Speakers


There are no proceedings of the symposium. All presentations, however, can be found on this website.